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This undated photo provided by the Walgren family shows 16-year-old Corey Walgren.

Walgren, a straight-A student at Naperville North High School committed suicide on Jan.

“It’s not that big a deal until it happens to your school,” said Joshua Herman, a lawyer who represents schools across Illinois.

“Then it’s a nightmare.” Police reports, court filings, witness accounts, emails and other documents obtained by The Associated Press offer an inside look at how Naperville North High School and police responded in the hours before Walgren’s death in January.

The family never blamed the girl and said she was right to report the video, Ekl said. Facing discipline at school was a new experience for Walgren.

As he walked into the office at about p.m., Dean Steve Madden said he had never seen Walgren under these circumstances because the teen had never been in trouble, according to the documents obtained by the AP. When the two teens were in his car, parked on a secluded street at night, he had turned on the video-recording function and dropped his cellphone by his leg after the pair talked and shared some alcohol.

Guidelines from the Illinois Association of School Boards say not reporting explicit images of kids can itself be a crime.

The family’s attorney contends a recording with no visible images of sex acts cannot qualify as child pornography. Either way, critics say, child pornography laws should not be invoked to prosecute kids who share sexual images with other kids.

Law enforcement retains discretion about how to handle such matters.When those laws were passed, lawmakers could not have foreseen how teens, perhaps acting on impulse or under peer pressure, would be able to create or send explicit images at the push of a button.The laws were aimed at protecting children from adults.11, 2017 after being summoned by school officials to their offices to ask about a video he made of himself having consensual sex with a classmate.His suicide highlights a dilemma for school officials who learn a student shared cellphone images that may qualify as child pornography.

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