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I also meet other ladies that were happy to learn more about me.What I find is the chat is the scam, my friends came online almost the same time every day, I asked the lady who was online talking to me, and she said, “”.I was in Ukraine and Russia many is really funny in the first half and then change totally the style, 50% is true and the other is BS, (85% of the internet Ukraine date is fake) this book seems made for 3 local dudes from Ukraine or Russia, they are the only who can make black jokes about Ukraine, i agree everything don't work in Ukraine lol lol .end of this book was writing for some housekeeper Kharkov apartment rent dude, my advice to the dudes is to try to keep the first can.. Author is clearly not a skilled PUA, but in his 3 months in Kharkiv shares useful tips into the mindset of Ukrainian women. they also have close ties to family, and don't really want to leave Ukraine.

We differ only in that I think the potential is greater than he will grant. If you are scoring a flag, as Roosh was attempting, who cares? Only the upper class will pay money for private dentists and medicine.

Hello, I have been to Ukraine to see these women, and yes there is so scamming going on and yes a lot of Russian and Ukrainian women are real and well met, if it to get married all to just make money.

I paid translator 10 dollars an hour and she also asked money for my date so she could take taxi home.

He worked as an English teacher, to increase his chances to hit on his young university-aged pupils. To the point that people who don't know any better, Danes, Swiss, Indians and Americans, succeed in business here where native Ukrainians refuse to try. Mastering Russian just to get laid is like mastering karate just to cut bricks in half. Roosh is wrong to say that Ukrainian women want a successful local guy, and doubly wrong to say they want mafia. Ukrainian women are not exactly obsessed with income. In a country with per capita income of ,000, in reality probably ,000 after taking into account the fraction taken by the obscenely rich oligarchs he describes so well, you don't have to be totally rich to be attractive. A sober guy wherever he is from is a pretty good proposition.

Clearly, he gave it a good effort to get involved and then shared his experiences both good and bad. Ukraine isn't the s***hole he describes, but he's headed the right direction. Roosh is right about the need for language in any city except Kyiv (Kiev). The Ukrainian educational system, as Roosh reports, is dogmatically fixed on grammar, to the neglect of the important aspects of a language, namely vocabulary and the ability to communicate.

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