Muslim rules for dating

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It takes into account all of humankind’s needs; spiritual, emotional and physical.Part of physical wellbeing includes sexual wellbeing and health.Likewise, if he acts upon it lawfully he will be rewarded.” Giving pleasure to one’s spouse is a highly rewarding deed.Marriage itself is viewed in Islam as the longest, most continuous act of worship a Muslim will perform in the course of their lives.

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There are well-known consequences if a person engages in premarital relationships or behaves in a promiscuous manner.Thus a lot of what we understand about bedroom etiquette comes from the questions asked by the people around the Prophet, may God praise him.God says to enjoy each other’s intimate company, to take pleasure, comfort and delight in the intimacy of marriage but He also sets out a few rules about unacceptable behaviour.God did not leave us floundering about in a sea of misconceptions and misunderstandings; Prophet Muhammad educated us and taught us that one should ask if they do not know.Of course this indicates that one should be open and truthful and never shy away from asking difficult or embarrassing questions.

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