Fossils challenge dna in the dating game

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"So it's a couple of little features like this that show up in this individual.

A very fine instrument was sued to hollow out a tiny hole.

It is believed that Mountaintop Cave Man sewed and clothed himself with animal hides and leather.

Among the other objects found at the site have been earrings, animal teeth with holes in them for stringing, fishbones, ocean shells, stone beads, and bones carved in particular ways.

"I will keep an open mind on the extent of hypothesized admixture, while noting the interesting fact that this skeleton shows the same linear physique as early European and Israeli early moderns---a physique that may reflect a recent African origin," he said.

Stringer said, "There are just a couple of data points there, but it's very hard for me to explain the anatomy we see in both [the Malaysian and Chinese] specimens without saying, Yes indeed, people do what people do: that is, they get it together," he said.

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