Cellvalidating event in datagridview

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For example, this event triggers everytimes the users switches to another row.

On the other hand, the Cell Value Changed event seems to trigger only when the value of the cell changes, which means the validation code runs only when the value changes and not everytime a user changes cells.

A: If you want take input directly in datagridview, column of string type takes any input but Data Grid View default error dialog is shown when making invalid input i-e 123a for integer type column that asks to handle the Data Error event of datagridview . Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args) Handles Data Grid View1.

So you can use Cell Validating event of Data Grid View to validate integer type column as well as other. Cell Validating Dim cell As Data Grid View Cell = Data Grid View1.

To make it more clear when I press Enter for the second time.If I switch to another control right after editing a cell, my method isn't executed at all. I would like to manipulate a cell in my Data Grid View when it is validating so that if the user enters a value that is not valid for the database, but is easily converted to valid data, the program will change the value to an appropriate one.Or if not, then it is because the user has entered an invalid value in the current cell."The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button.

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