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A planned bobblehead promotion in his honor was also nixed.Rose did not help his case when he failed to report his income from memorabilia signings and related deals and was convicted of tax evasion, serving time in a minimum security correctional facility in the early 1990s. The ban is not limited to Rose's eligibility for the Hall of Fame: he is also not allowed to appear on a major league field (although MLB made some notable exceptions, such as when he was named to the All-Century Team, and for the 25th anniversary of his breaking Ty Cobb's hit record), and he cannot appear in any products licensed by MLB.Manfred refused to be pressured into rushing to a conclusion, explaining that he would carefully review all of the elements of the case.

He also has the most RBI of any player without a season of 100 or more (1314, with a career-high of 82 in 1969).Commissioner Bart Giamatti ordered an investigation into the allegations; its findings constitute the Dowd Report.After a series of legal challenges, in August 1989 Rose agreed to a deal with the Commissioner under whose terms he would be permanently banned from baseball, but eligible to apply for reinstatement after one year.Broadcasters loved to repeat various quotes about him, the most famous being "He has forgotten more about baseball than most people will ever know" and "I don't steal bases against pitchers, I steal them against outfielders".He was so well-known that the New York Times crossword puzzle regularly featured the clue "Baseball's Rose" for the word "Pete".

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